Closed for the 2022 Season
2023 Season Hours:

Opening Day: Friday, May 12, 2023

Open Monday – Saturday 9 – 5 pm
Closed Sunday

Closing Day:

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Hello to all of our friends!

Here at Seaquist Orchards Farm Market, we are looking ahead to when we can see you!

The market will open for the season on Saturday, May 23, 2020, and will be open Monday through Saturday, 9-5, and closed on Sundays. 

What a season this will be!  We have made some changes to accommodate this unusual time, and we want to share our initial plans with you.  As things are continually changing, we will be adjusting our plans as necessary.

We want you to know that we, along with the many other businesses in Door County, are putting the safety of our employees, and your safety at the top of our “to do” list.  Here at the market, we not only want you to have a familiar, fun, and memory making experience, but we want you to feel safe, and know that you are in a very clean environment.

We will provide a clean environment by doing the following:

  1.  We will be taking the temperature of each employee as they begin their shift, asking them pertinent health related questions, and logging this information daily.  All employees will be wearing masks while on their shift. 

  2. Every 2 hours, and more often if possible, the door handles of the market, rest room door knobs, and highly used areas in the restrooms will be sanitized.  This includes toilet handles, stall doors, all dispensers, sink area, and door knobs.  In addition, the restrooms will continue to be fully cleaned and sanitized daily. 

  3. We will have hand sanitizing stations throughout the market and outside on the porch for your use.  There will also be wipes near the entrance for you to use on your shopping cart or basket.  These carts and baskets will be fully sanitized daily.

  4. We will be sanitizing tables and chairs after customer use.

  5. We will be offering curbside pickup throughout the season.  If you have placed an order, we will gladly bring your order to your car.

  6. We are unable to offer samples at this time, but we will be able to sell you cups of coffee, smoothies and slushies.  Hopefully, sampling will be back at some point!  We will figure it out!

We ask that you do the following:

  1.  As you enter the market, please wear a mask, and maintain a 6 foot distance between you and other shoppers who are not in your group.  If you do not have a mask and would like one, we will provide one for you for $1.50, available at the sample counter and payable at the checkout.  We will also have “cute” masks available for purchase in the market.

  2. Use the hand sanitizer provided.

  3. Please remember that although you may not feel you need to be cautious, there may be someone here, (customer or staff), with great concern, whether it is because of their own or a family member’s health issues, or because they just simply want to “do it right”. 

  4. When using the outdoor seating, please maintain the necessary distance between you and members of other groups.  Space yourselves! 


Door County, our visitors and residents, are in a rather fragile condition these days, and here at the market, we want to help us all get our feet back on the ground, safely and securely.  The manner in which we at the market, and you, – our long awaited guests and friends proceed, could mean long term personal health and happiness, as well as stability for Door County.


We welcome you with open arms – from a distance!  We cannot WAIT to see you.  Thank you!